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40099 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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I tripped over my own feet and fell. Pushed the button on the Life Alert pendant. The operator responded right away and talked to me while waiting for the paramedics. The paramedics, police, and firemen came and helped me to my feet. I did hurt my left hand and pinkie which ended up with a bad sprain.

D.S., Superior, WI

I slipped and fell in the snow in my front yard. I was getting very cold and wet. When I realized I could not get up I pushed the magic [Life Alert] button. I have no cell phone so I cannot respond to contact attempts, but within 10-15 minutes 2 kind and handsome young men arrived to rescue me.

L.W., Spokane, WA

I had a small fire on one stove burner and was able to extinguish it before the firemen arrived. I was very grateful that Life Alert responded to the smoke alarm signal and contacted emergency services and also notified my family that there was an emergency at my residence. Thank you, Life Alert!

C.K., Wenatchee, WA

I was standing behind a chair that swiveled as I grabbed it for support, it threw me between my chairs into a paper recycling basket, hitting my head on a side table. After ascertaining no broken bones, I pushed the Life Alert button. I repeated I couldn’t get up, so fire department came and picked me up, checked me out, and I lived to get a lift chair.

B.C., North Richland Hills, TX

I could not live alone without Life Alert. About three weeks ago I lost my balance, fell, hit my head on something and couldn’t get up. I had to push the button and after a few minutes two young men came in an ambulance, but I didn’t have to go to the hospital. They cleaned the place on my head and helped me up, gave me an ice pack, and locked my door and left.

N.R., Lake Charles, LA

When I got out of bed the morning of Dec. 4th, I was having a vertigo episode. I could hardly stand. This was alarming to me. At the time I had no idea what was happening, because of my heart issues (pacemaker and tachycardia) I pushed the button on my Life Alert. Everything worked as it should. Firemen and paramedics where at my home in about 15 minutes. Thank goodness the vertigo wasn’t serious.

D.R., Henderson, NV

I recently took my husband’s evening meds, seven pills in all, by mistake of my own. I was very concerned and called my daughter, who came to check me out. I became extremely ill and started vomiting violently. We called emergency on my Life Alert. I was checked out by EMT’s and poison control was contacted. I was okay, but someone from Life Alert stayed on the phone with me until help arrived. Everything worked out very well for me thanks.

W.C., Clendenin, WV

While preparing the evening meal my wife passed out. I was in the next room and heard the sound of someone falling. I rushed to the kitchen and found my wife flat on the floor, face down and passed out. I quickly checked for bleeding – and breathing. I was wearing my Life Alert. Punched the button and found help immediately while still attending my wife. I could converse with Life Alert, our EMT’s where there very quickly – excellent response.

T.K., Ryegate, MT

It was Christmas day; my home care worker had come that day to help. I was sitting in the living room. Then my niece and her husband came with a plate of food. I found myself in the kitchen, my niece showed me what she had bought. All of a sudden I felt my legs weren’t going to hold me. I grabbed my walker and went in the chair. Everyone said Merry Christmas to me and left. My worker had cleaned the kitchen so everything was ok. I was tired and decided to go to bed, using my walker I got up from my chair. I remember holding onto my walker but my legs went out from under me and I found myself going down. Leaving my walker in the living room I started scooting on my butt from the living room into the bedroom. Then I was exhausted and laid flat on the floor. Then I pressed my Life Alert button. I heard Life Alert come on and I told them I was on the floor and I couldn’t get up. Within just a few minutes the fire department was at the door. It’s a good thing the door wasn’t locked. They put me onto my bed, they wanted to take me to the hospital but I said just put me in my bed. Thank you very much Life Alert.

N.W., Charleston, WV

Life Alert has saved my mother’s life! There has been many times that her button has helped her with falls and calling me to assist her to safety – but over the last 14 years it saved her life twice. Her sugar dropped and before she became unconscious she used her button to alert help – the second time she fell while getting out of the shower and was unresponsive when the paramedics arrived. Thank you, Life Alert!!

B.S., Bay Minette, AL

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