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39810 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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My husband fell while changing into sleeping clothes in the bathroom. Bumped into wall and hit face and arm on the right side as he went down. Nose was bleeding profusely as well as right arm which had a large gash. He hit a stool when he fell. Life Alert was here quickly and transported us to hospital and remained there until he was checked in. We were very happy with the care we received!!

A.VH., Sacramento, CA

I fell down and fractured my back on Sept. 25th. Life Alert had the paramedics at my home quickly and they also contacted my family to let them know what had happened to me. I wouldn’t know what could have happened to me if I didn’t have Life Alert.

M.D., Buffalo Grove, IL

[Uncle] was entering the front door with groceries in one hand and trying to open door. Upon entering the door, he lost balance and fell backwards on the concrete porch. Because he was outside when he pushed the Life Alert around his neck, he could hear them, but they could not hear him. Life Alert notified proper emergency and was dispatched to his home. Thank you!

J.S., Clinton, TN

I fell down backwards and hit my right arm on the kitchen cabinet causing a fracture on my right wrist. Couldn’t get up on my own. Called Life Alert. Fire department rescue came and helped me up. Took me to the hospital. Life Alert stayed on the line until fire rescue came and talked to them, and until all was well. Thank you, good job on everybody’s part.

G.H., Midland, TX

I called Life Alert when I was too weak to stand. They responded quickly and sent an ambulance. In the meantime, the operator at Life Alert stayed on the phone with me until they came. The ambulance crew took my vitals – and took me to the hospital.

C.S., Greece, NY

My 94 year old mother fell at home and couldn’t get up. She pushed the button and Life Alert notified the paramedics. All went as advertised – I authorized fire department to do a forced entry. Luckily, I arrived moments before the breach was necessary. After this incident I bought a lock box. I would strongly recommend this!

M.F., Lakewood Ranch, FL

I fell in my home and could not get up, I pushed my Life Alert and got help right away. Also about a month later I woke up and could not breathe and pushed my button again and got help.

B.M., Holts Summit, MO

I was in an area where I am not usually at. It was my rock garden and I was pulling weeds when I slipped and fell face first on the racks. Fortunately, and I can’t stress this enough, that I was wearing my new Life Alert button. It truly saved my life! Wonderful response and they took me to the ER at my local hospital. I am fine now.

V.D., Glendale, CA

I tripped and fell on the garage floor, and even with others around me, I could not get up safely. I had my Life Alert on me and pushed it for help. They arrived promptly and assessed the situation. After a few minutes, I was able to get up and move on my own. I saw the doctor the next day and, except for a few bruises, I was good. The crew was courteous and attentive. They were knowledgeable and showed they knew their responsibilities.

J.B., Bellefonte, PA

Life Alert has been for me a great blessing. I am elderly and live alone. There is a great feeling of security because I know with a push of a button Life Alert will come and help me. God bless them!

E.L., Olympia, WA

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