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40661 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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I was on the golf course and my partner, who owned her own cart, was driving. We were going to the next hole. I had my left leg in the cart only and she sped away, throwing me back on the gravel path. My purse was in the cart, and Life Alert in my purse, and someone saw it and called Life Alert. Your company sent the paramedics, and called my daughter and my son. I broke 3 bones in my hip. Had surgery with a rod and 3 screws. I am grateful to Life Alert.

B.S., Coconut Creek, FL

Life Alert responded fast when I was having a stroke. Also notified my family. They saved my life. Also, when I feel that I’m having a heart attack, they respond fast. I strongly recommend them. Thank you for helping me 203 times.

E.G., Pico Rivera, CA

While attempting to get up from my recliner, I slid to the floor and was unable to get on my feet without assistance. Because I was wearing my Life Alert, I was able to contact help by pressing a button and the emergency team arrived shortly thereafter.

S.G., Clifton, NJ

My mother had a serious diabetic episode. Life Alert was fantastic - was able to provide information quickly to the paramedics. I couldn’t be happier that Life Alert is a part of the team I have to ensure my mother’s safety!!

B.G., Cherry Hill, NJ

I was doing fine sitting in chair and all of the sudden horrific pain came between my bust!! I [thought] it was indigestion, as I have had before, so I waited and it got worse, so after two hours I called and then text my friend and she arrived and said to call Life Alert, so I did. They came in no time and after good checkup I went to the hospital. Had all kinds of shaped stones taken out!! Thank you!!

M.C., Old Orchard Beach, ME

I fell back into the shower when I got up to use the stool. It happen at 2:30 but I did not call you all till 5:30 Then you all was on the ball. [EMS] got here quick to check me over. Yes, I have told everyone how quick you all came. Thank you all so much.

L.W, Fisherville, KY

I fell in the bathroom and had a bump on the back of my head. I pushed my Life Alert button right away. When I fall, I can not get up by myself. The dispatcher stayed on the line with me until the paramedics arrived. The paramedic stayed with me until a room was ready for me at the emergency room.

T.O., Crossville, TN

After awakening at 4:30 AM - with sharp pain and dizziness – I started to black out. I pushed my [Life Alert] button - the response was immediate. My contact alerted 911- talked to me the entire time - giving me the progress and timing of the emergency teams’ arrival. Both of my children received the information immediately. After thorough examination - I was able to recover. So grateful for the continued connection and calm assurance of my Life Alert member.

L.A., Elkton, VA

I tripped and fell. I received bad wounds on my arm, knee and hand. I was bleeding badly from my head. I pressed my Life Alert button. They were very helpful and within minutes, help arrived. I feel that Life Alert saved my life.

L.H., Sweeny, TX

My wife fell when she got out of car and broke her right hip (total hip replacement). I used her Life Alert to call for help, immediately the lady called for emergency ambulance, she stayed on phone until help arrived. Thanks.

M.W., Purvis, MS

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